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If you are unable to use our online shopping cart or need any specific changes, just email us the Abaya Code numbers and Sizes which you want and we will send you the invoice including the shipping charges. Please give us your full name, full address with zip code and phone number for courier purpose.

Tracking Your Shipment

Once the payment is made, please note that delivery can take atleast 15 days. Please email us only after 15 days to check for non-arrival of the package. Normally, we always try to make sure that delivery is done before  time.

Payment Details 

Payment can be made in any currency but must equal the invoice denominated in US Dollar. Payment can be made via Direct Bank Transfer, Western Union, Xpress Money, Money Gram, Paypal and Credit Card. For Paypal and credit card payments we charge 5% extra. All Payments above USD1000 must be made via Direct Bank Transfer, Western Union, Xpress Money or Money Gram only.The use of Xpress Money is recommended as it is cheaper for the sender of money.

Voyager Trading uses Door to Door Express Mail for all orders. Full details of the order and payment process together with shipping and delivery details are given below

  • Voyager Trading will invoice the customer to confirm the order and exact details with the expected lead time to delivery based upon the garments required. The delivery cost will also be confirmed and varies depending upon the shipping method and destination.
  • Once the customer confirms they wish to proceed, the full amount is payable for the whole order including shipping and delivery costs.
  • Payment must be in US Dollars or UAE Dirham and is preferred by Paypal and Western Union . Payment via Paypal or Credit Card is charged 5% extra. Voyager Trading will complete the order and ready for shipping only when the full amount has been settled by the customer. Please note that the reference number for Western Union payments will need to be provided by the customer before orders can be shipped.
  • Once payment has been received in full, Voyager Trading will notify the customer to confirm that the account has been settled and that the order is now being fulfilled.
  • When the whole order is complete, all orders are dispatched same day via air freight using the delivery method specified by the customer. Please note that delivery can take up to 15 days depending upon the shipping method and destination. All garments will be shipped together in a single package where possible.
  • All shipping charges are calculated based upon the weight of the order and vary accordingly. All deliveries will need to be signed for by the customer and local taxes may be incurred.



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