Dubai Abaya Exporters

       Voyager Trading LLC, Post Box No. 52665, Dubai, UAE Tel: +971-4-2718489, Mob +971-55-5107396


1) Do we manufacture color Abaya's?

No we do not make color fabric Abaya. We are specialists in black cloth Abaya only.

2) Do we make custom neck/collar labels for Abaya?

Yes, we do make custom labels, provided the quantity is 400 Abaya or more. We can make any type of labels with any design or writing. There is no extra charge.

3) What is the minimum order quantity?

Each customer must order a minimum of 6 pieces in any one order. These can be any mix of Abaya items and sizes.

4) I would like to know the shipping cost for 13 or 16 or 25 Abaya pieces to my country?

Go to our online shopping cart, select the number of pieces that you want and checkout selecting your country. The online shopping cart will calculate the shipping cost and show to you automatically.

5) Do we make custom Abaya's or Abaya from photos?

Yes, we do make custom Abaya's. The only thing is that for custom design Abaya’s we need to have atleast one physical sample of each in order to duplicate with 100% perfection. Otherwise from photos, the Abaya may not have good finishing. A lot of our clients, send us one Abaya of each design by post. We then duplicate the same in large quantity, at low prices and good quality and send them back.

6) How many days will the shipping take?

After payment is complete, delivery of goods can be expected within 15-20 days. We always try to make it earlier. The current average time for our order delivery is less than 13 days. Please email us only after 15 days to check for non arrival of goods. Please make sure to add our email ID to your safe email list.

7) Should I place the order online or should I email my order?

Placing the order using the online shopping cart system is faster and efficient. We encourage all buyers to place their orders using the online system. Please email us your order request only if you are unable to process the order online.

8) What are the payment methods?

Payment can be made in any currency but must equal the invoice denominated in US Dollar. Payment can be made via PayPal, Credit Card, Direct Bank Transfer, Western Union, Xpress Money and Money Gram. For Paypal and credit card payments we charge 5% extra. The use of Xpress Money is recommended as it is cheaper for the sender of money.

9) What is the return policy for any purchases made?

At the moment, Voyager Trading does not provide any gurantee on the quality of product. We also do not entertain any return requests for any reasons. However, we maintain a strict quality control procedure and till date none of our wholesale orders have encountered any return requests.












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