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       Voyager Trading LLC, Post Box No. 52665, Dubai, UAE Tel: +971-4-2718489, Mob +971-55-5107396

Terms and Conditions

Voyager Trading terms and conditions are applicable for all transactions and are detailed in full below. Customer confirmation of an order will constitute an acceptance of these terms and conditions.

  • Customers agree to settle all order transactions in full in US Dollars or UAE Dirhams. For payment via Paypal and Credit Card we charge 5% extra (Online Payment Charge). You may also use Skrill.com to make payment using your Credit Card. For payment via Direct Bank Transfer, Western Union or Money Gram or Xpress Money, there is no 5% extra charge. The use of Xpress Money is recommended by us as it is cheaper for the sender of money.
  • When making payment via Direct Bank Transfer, please make sure that all bank charges are paid by you.There are many hidden charges (such as Intermediary Bank Charges) which are not informed to the sender of the money. We must receive the full invoice value.
  • The customer must ensure that the exchange rate is fixed upon payment to Western Union so that Voyager Trading receives the full amount as specified on the invoice after any necessary currency conversion. No refunds will be made once Voyager Trading receives the money via Paypal Gift Certificate.
  • Customers will be invoiced for the full amount prior to any garments being manufactured and it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that all garments, colors and sizes are satisfactory as detailed on the invoice.

        Local custom taxes

  • Voyager Trading assumes no liability for any shipping charges, delivery costs, storage costs, airport charges, local customs tax or any other additional charge that may be incurred once the order has been confirmed. It is the responsibility of the customer to settle the shipping and delivery costs in full directly with the shipping agents.


  • All sizes and measurements are accurate however Voyager Trading assumes no responsibility for any change in the size or measurement of any garments. Voyager Trading does not entertain any returns for alterations.
  • Any changes to the specification or measurement of bespoke garments once confirmed may incur additional charges that must be settled in full prior to the order being fulfilled and readied for shipping.
  • All goods on the Voyager Trading website are described as accurately as possible. However, due to the manufacturing process, exact materials and designs may be subject to modifications and changes. Voyager Trading reserves the right to change the specification of any garment.
  • Voyager Trading will only ship an order once the account is settled in full and the order is complete in its entirety unless the customer has paid in full for several shipping consignments.


  • Voyager Trading assumes no responsibility for any loss or damage to goods or delay in delivery that may occur in once the order has been shipped.

        Exchange / Refund

  • All orders are non refundable and Voyager Trading reserves the right to provide a substitute garment of similar or higher quality at a comparable price where the original garment may no longer be available. Voyager Trading will endeavor to inform the customer of any change to their order where possible. Voyager Trading is not responsible and does not entertain any refund or exchange requests even if Voyager Trading fails to inform the customer of any change in design, fabric, color or size of cloth.
Voyager Trading reserves the right to change or add to these terms and conditions at any time.















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